Apr 4, 2007

iomoi stationary

I need new stationary in the worst way, so I'm going to bite the bullet and just buy some today. My letterpress of choice is iomoi, known for their great colors and patterns, and I love their Goyard patterned inside of the envelopes, but I can't decide which monogram to get. Above are my top choices. I think I'm leaning towards the yellow and black on the top right, but that sort of reminds me of a nightmarish stay I had at the Kelly Wearstler-designed Viceroy Hotel in Palm Springs last Spring. Not sure...let me know if something pops out to you. Get your own stationary by clicking right here the rates are: 20/$65.00, 40/$115.00, 80/$200.00, 100/$230.00, 150/$335.00, 200/$435.00.

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