Apr 3, 2007


My friend Katie recently called me and asked me if I liked a Moooi ceiling lamp, I didn't know exactly which one she was talking about at the time so I just said "Well I'm sure it's avant garde", Marcel Wanders, who heads up Moooi, is known as the "bad boy" of Dutch design. I was browsing through the Twentieth website later to see what she was looking at and happened upon the above Kaipo table lamp (not what Katie was talking about). I was really drawn to it, it's got a real Hollywood glamor to it. I was suprised Moooi let this out without taking a step further like adding a plastic orb around it or attaching some gilded sneakers or something. Then I found out the shade is based on air-filter technology (whatever that means), I also learned that the base is made out of silvered crystal glass (meaning you're going to have to cough up $2,300).

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