May 29, 2007

Mason Pearson

This weekend I used Matt's brush, a white nylon Mason Pearson, and the rubber from the inside snapped off. Of course this happens the one time I use it. When I told him the bad news he was sort of horrified. It turns out he's had the brush since 1993 (when he was 12?), which was a little touching, but mostly creepy. But, to Matt's defense, if you're going to get attached to a hairbrush, it best be a Mason Pearson, the classic British brushes that have been around since 1885. In fact, Mason Pearson's rubber-cushion hairbrush hasn't really changed since then (besides minor improvements in the early 1920s). Good design apparently doesn't go out of style. The olde-timey names are still exactly as they were too: Large Extra, Small Extra, Popular and Junior. And, I love the boxes that don't look like they've changed much either. I looked around the interweb to see if his exact brush was replaceable, and thankfully they are still very easy to find. Matt you can get your old one from Amazon right here for $70. Hopefully it will last you another 14 years.

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