May 29, 2007

"What's Inside": Delcie Adams & Randy Schulman

I live in the same building as Randy and Delcie, but their apartment seems like a world away from mine. It's light, breezy, rustic, peaceful—in fact, it's just like a Big Sur tree house (it even has a Kerouac-era feeling to it), which is no coincidence—Randy and Delcie say their hearts are in Big Sur. I really dig their office area complete with a mid-century wood office desk and a 1920's desk chair they bought at a flea market and had re-caned. I can just imagine the folks who used that desk before them. I bet at one time or another a big black Underwood typewriter sat on top and inky notes draped by its side. Their home certainly has a creative energy to it, maybe because it's open and the flow of the space is really conducive to head-clearing. The fact that our apartment is old and has tons of character only adds to their aesthetic. In a lot of old apartments there are nooks where ironing boards used to come out in the kitchens. In mine the ironing board is still there, but in theirs the door is missing so they've turned it into a shelving unit, but there isn't much it will hold since it is so shallow. Delcie was inspired by her designer-friend, Lisa Lowe, to put a collection of salt and pepper shakers on each tier, it adds humor and a little whimsy to the space, plus they're all so cute. When I was up in their apartment taking photos I was trying to come up with a way to categorize their style, I thought by now I'd think of something really witty, but I haven't. It's very rustic California, sort of bohemian, a little beachy and it's gotta lotta soul. Thanks for sharing Randy and Delcie!

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