Jul 6, 2007

Butterfly Chairs

Just yesterday my neighbor Michelle, of recent mention, found two butterfly chair frames behind her house stuck in a tree! They had to saw parts of the tree off to get both of them out, but they were in good condition, she couldn't believe it (neither could I), two original butterfly frames just sitting behind her apartment in a tree (like the photo below)! What's even crazier is these are two chairs she's actually been wanting to buy for their patio for a long time. They sanded the rust off and they're going to spray paint them and buy two covers. How crazy is that! Don't get confused with the collapsible butterfly chair knock-offs that grace plenty a dorm room—these bases typically cost between $175 and $275. You can check out all the variations at the Circa 50 website. Above is a great shot of the chairs around the fire pit at The Parker in Palm Springs. Lesson learned? Look in trees behind your house, you may just find that chair you've been pining after.

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