Jul 5, 2007

"What's Inside": Lisa Wyatt

This is a very special segment of "What's Inside" because it emphasizes a certain L.A. lifestyle as well as serves as a unique guide to such in its own right. Lisa, my next door neighbor and good friend, is a photographer, surfer, film buff, and animal rescuer at large (it was Lisa that plucked my dog Harrison off the freeway last year). The interior of Lisa Wyatt's apartment is fascinating, I always find something new whenever I'm over there and I've found that her things are literally artifacts from her travels and journeys and friends around the world. Her refined eclectic style conjures words like Spanish, California, Beachy, Bohemian, Natural, and Global. Above is a shot of her front door with its archway dressed in hot pink xmas lights she left up after throwing one of her famous parties. The trim paint is Dunn Edwards "Rainforest" and that's sort of the feel as you walk in the front door among her plants and fountain.Her kitchen has barely changed much from the original design. She painted it the very subtle Mint Chiffon and the trim Climbing Ivy accented by her flowers from Moe's (notice the Chicken Balls!). All of her vases are from Maison Midi and she has a very cool cheese cabinet typical in European kitchens (ideal for storing hard cheeses at room temp) she purchased from The Cheese Store of Beverly Hills. Oh, and that's her cat, Penny. I love her staircase, especially walking down it to see an amazing Jean Luc-Godard poster she bought at Agnes B. clothing store in Paris in the 90s. Cleverly, Lisa uses jeweled Indian sarongs as window treatments, why have I never thought of that!? Her photo books casually grace the bottom of the staircase—her four favorites are: An American Index of The Hidden and Unfamiliar, Co├»ncidences, Surfing Photographs Taken In The Seventies, and the newly released New York Rises. Her custom bookshelf makes me drool, but not as much as the little critters that are on it, like the John Derian farm animals, a yellow snail shell a Cuban boy gave her on a bus in Santiago, some sage candle boxes and simple white Ikea magazine butlers.In the entry way to her bedroom hangs two Polish movie posters from the 1960s that she bought abut 15 years ago from a guy's garage near Sunset Blvd. and Pointsettia (anyone know if that guy is still around?) Finally, the boudior, complete with mosquito net (from Ikea) and all. Lisa is a fan of Kerry Cassill linens as well as Creative living, but the most important thing in the bedroom is her Obsidian windchimes, one hangs above her bed and there is a tiny one inside her mosquito net. What follows below are Lisa's can't-live-withouts. Thanks for sharing, Lisa!
1. Obsidian windchimes
2. Jivamukti Yoga
3. Maison Midi
4. Calypso Home
5. Young Living essential oils (these are AMAZING!)
6. Wild Mushroom Lasagne recipe from Gourmet Magazine
7. Gardening advice from Sandy Foreman of Anawalt Lumber on Highland Ave.
8. Holistic medicine, raindrop therapy, and healing from Hari Narayan (310-936-5985) of Amrit Davaa Wellness Center
9. Uncle Eddie's vegan cookies (available at Whole Foods).
10.Cinespia film screenings.
And may I just say that DESIGNwatcher can't live without Lisa Wyatt Photography, either can Jacques the Donkey.

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