Aug 14, 2007

Hotel Teatro/Update from the road

It's 4:30 a.m. CST, I'm in Des Moines saddled between a passed-out boyfriend and a twitching dog, so I thought if I can't catch up on sleep, I may as well catch up a bit on the blog. I've learned a lot about this country while on the road, like for instance, that it really is a patchwork nation. More specifically I've learned that metal detectors (the ones that strap to your arm with a disc on the bottom) are commonplace in Richfield, Utah. People use them in the same way that us "modern Yanks use the Google". Another interesting fact: In Iowa you don't simply say salsa you say "Salsa Dip". It's been a lot of long days on the road but Matt and I did have a great night in Denver. We splurged on a boutique hotel called, Hotel Teatro right near Skyline Park. The night before we had stayed in a motel that was actually underground with no windows that smelled of pipe smoke circa 1985, so I felt like we deserved it just a little. Hotel Teatro is dog friendly, has great cuisine, and is located right in the middle of town. We ordered room service and it was so nice to eat vegetables for the first time in days—it is really really hard to eat healthy on the road, you have almost no convenient options. I highly recommend this hotel for anyone traveling to Denver, rooms start at about $175, for more info click here. We'll be in Chicago tomorrow where I will face my next challenge: living at home for two weeks.


Matriarch said...

We stayed at the Hotel Monaco in Denver, which is very similar and also pet friendly - they have their own resident pooch to greet you upon check-in - very cute!

And, what is the problem with living at home for 2 weeks?????????

Karen said...

You know you are welcome to stay in kid central/romper room any time for the next two weeks!