Aug 15, 2007

Ranch Life

We are finally to our final (temporary) destination! When we pulled up to the driveway we started blasting the trip's theme song: "These are my people" by Rodney Atkins (when you go to the website the song starts playing) which we not only heard on the radio every day, but I also burned it on my 11-disc road trip compilation. I am so glad it is over and am starting to relax, but my brain is still in the "where will we be next" planning mode, so now I'm thinking of our trip next week to Wyoming to visit Matt's family ranch in Bondurant, an hour outside Jackson. I was looking though the John Derian website and found some cool items that reminded me of the ranch. Above from left to right: 6" x 9" Decoupage "Feathers" tray, $86; "Fish" tray, $88; 12" cylindrical "Woods" vase, $725". Email: or call 212-677-3917 for purchases.

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