Sep 12, 2007

Kartell Jolly

With the post about the antique calendar hovering close below I can post about the above Kartell Jolly side tables without feeling too name-brand modern. I've been thinking about getting one of these little guys in the smoke color for a side table near our couch. I've always wanted to have a Kartell piece despite my recent experiences at Pinkberry (if you've been there, you get it). I made a deal with Matt that there would be room near the couch for his surround sound speakers-something, so in order to hold up my end of the deal, I need to provide him with some flat space near by. It's a rather small table (about 16" x 16), so we're still thinking about it: check out more about it at Hive Modern ($149). Design by Paolo Rizzatto, 2002.


Anonymous said...

I've been drawn to these cute little tables for awhile now but haven't seen them in person and am wondering how easily these things scratch...actually, how all of the pieces made of this type of material hold up. Did you buy your smoke Jolly? :)


Lizzie said...

I did get the smoke side table and love it. It scratches a bit because I put a pretty heavy potted orchid on it, but nothing too bad. Hope that helps.