Sep 11, 2007

Paris Hotel Boutique

Now that I've been in Chicago I've seen a lot more of my family both nuclear and extended. I think some of the elders in our clan are a little "disturbed" in the more modern leanings in taste of some of us younger lasses. So in an effort to send out an olive branch to my aunt who is referred to simply as "Matriarch", I wanted to post about one of my favorite places that sells antiques on the interweb: Paris Hotel Boutique. Above is a vintage leather equestrian calendar dating back to the mid-1900's by Eldonian of England. It measures 5-3/4" tall by 5" wide. $185 by clicking right here. How do you like me now, Matriarch?


Anonymous said...

The olive branch is most happily accepted! Love this - very Guccish. And, I actually really like the Paris Hotel Boutique - investigated after your Queen Elizabeth picture post. Always looking for antique silver items - lately, cigarette cases. Keep up the good work, and an antique from time to time is always appreciated by we elders!
Love and kisses,

Lynn said...

Lizzie, thank you for the AWESOME post! I too may be from the "Matriarch" I'm a baby boomer, but yes, vintage is the way to go for me! I'm flattered that you younger gen appreciate the vintage variety. Thanks again for visiting my site! All the best, Lynn at PHB