Oct 10, 2007

Missoni Throws

Well, it is without a doubt that Fall is here, in fact I'm not sure if Chicago skipped Fall all together and just decided to go from a humid Indian summer to a chilly, windy, and grey winter overnight (yesterday 80˚F, today 47˚F). It would have been nice if we could have eased into it just a little, I went to walk Harrison this morning in shorts and flip flops and nearly lost my toes to frost bite. Ok, it wasn't that bad (but I'm not going to leave my apartment for the rest of the day to be on the safe side.) In any case, it's time to add more layers to your wardrobe and more layers to the bed. Thankfully Missoni makes Fall/Winter bearable with all their amazing throws. Above is the wool "Hector" throw, coming in colors that will make you forget about that gloomy, overcast sky. Pick one up for $256 at NYC's Auto, which has a large collection of Missoni Home.

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Diane said...

Lizzie! I love missoni. Good find!

HOW ARE YOU BY THE WAY! We need to reconnect!!