Oct 11, 2007

The Restless Years

Lynn Goldfinger, the owner of the fabulous Paris Hotel Boutique, just launched a redesigned website, as I was checking out the new arrivals I noticed a first edition Cecil Beaton's Diaries - The Restless Years. Paris Hotel Boutique has such fantastic books, I want to buy all of them. Click here to pick this puppy up ($115). Sir Cecil Beaton was an English fashion and portrait photographer as well as a stage and costume designer for films and theater. He did design for My Fair Lady, Gigi, photographed for Vogue and Vanity Fair, as well as officially photographed the Royal Family. On all his books (that I've ever seen) the covers are printed with the same brush-stroke inspired font on the covers, I wonder if that was his call or what, but I love it.

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Lynn said...

Hi Lizzie, just reading your blog and saw my site!! Thanks for the post and hope all is well!! Lynn