Oct 4, 2007

Sailboats, etc.

I took a cab home from the loop yesterday evening and as the driver drove north up Lake Shore Drive to the west of me was an orange hazy sky carved out by massive skyscrapers and to the east—this placid blue body of water punctuated by little white sailboats. The contrast was almost startling. I thought about the icon of the sailboat (well, first I thought—who are these people that get to be on sail boats at 5:30 in the afternoon on a Wednesday?). I noticed John Derian has a new ships series within his decoupage tray collection. Above is a 10" x 13" tray, "Charbonnier" $175; below is a 6" square un vide poche, "Black Mike Pirate Ship $70." I love these sail boats! You can get both of them at one of my favorite Chicago stores, Lille. Speaking of Lille, stay tuned later today for the Chicago Design Guide on Design*Sponge!

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