Nov 21, 2007


My brother flew in late last night from Boston. In the wind and the rain and the cold we scooted over to Avec for a late dinner and drinks. All of it was delicious, although I was constantly comparing their similar menu to L.A.'s AOC. I have to say Avec won out on two major points: their "Deluxe" Focaccia with Taleggio Cheese, Truffle Oil and Fresh Herbs and of course their sleek yet cozy decor. It was a perfect late night meal, well, up until my brother insulted the waitress, twice. Yeah. Happy Thanksgiving! See you next week!


Anonymous said...

That's a libelous post. In fact, I would like to set the record straight by noting that I merely asked the waitstaff if "Avec" is an appropriate name for a tapas-infused modern chicago diner that plays blues. To me, "Avec" invokes a more stilted french atmosphere where I would expect Edith Piaf instead of Jimi Hendrix. But the waitstaff shot me down. Big time.

Survey anyone? I know the people are on my side!

Matriarch said...

I, being much more of the Edith Piaf genre, totally agree with you. To me "Sans" would be much more appropriate!