Nov 28, 2007

Do you Tengu?

All throughout middle school teachers would make us write essays about what we thought life would be like in the year 2000 (and this was the 90s). I never felt like those essays of flying cars and jet-propelled Air Jordans ever lived up to the reality, until now. Meet Tengu. Finally! Some futuristic robot technology that is exactly as I imagined it. Took long enough, Japan. Tengu is a USB-powered robot that responds to sound. His mouth will move in response to all sounds in the room. There are also several different versions of his face, which can be changed by blowing on a microphone located on the bottom of Tengu. That's right blow on him and a different version of his face appears. Tengu was designed this year by Crispin Jones. Pick up your own Tengu for $65 by clicking here. P.S. Remember those potted dancing flowers that wore sunglasses and would dance with a ukulele?

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