Nov 29, 2007

Gift Guide V: Secret Santa

Secret Santa office exchanges can be really stressful. There are price ceilings, you want the gift to be nice but not too personal, and it's often times just plain awkward. I hope these ideas help when walking that fine line of sending the message: "I like you, but not that much." Above is a Lotta Jansdotter 2008 Fabric Calendar ($24).

From top left to right: Iomoi blank notebooks ($10 each); Dozi paperclip holder ($20); Thomas Paul Hong Kong Garden melamine Dessert Plate ($28 for a set of 4); Thomas Paul Artifacts melamine Dessert Plates ($28 for a set of 4); Corkskin journals ($23 each); 100% recycled vase ($18); Table Slice felt trivet ($50); reusable plastic chopsticks ($30 for set of 4).

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