Nov 30, 2007


I'm not sure yet if this beauty line actually works or if its another Malin + Goetz (cleverly packaged and hyped beyond belief) but I'm willing to give anything a shot to survive my first real winter in six years. After all, this London-based beauty line was founded by ex-Vogue Beauty Director Kathy Phillips. Besides being stamped with Vogue's approval, thisworks products are formulated using 100% natural plant oils, they're preservative free, hand-blended and free of synthetic fragrances. I also love their little travel kits ($72), a great gift idea. Check the thisworks website for more info and to purchase their full range of products.

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Anonymous said...

Have to chime in to say that I love Malin & Goetz' shampoo and conditioner. Can't speak for their other products, but these are worth the splurge to me.