Dec 13, 2007

Paging Aristotle Onassis

If eyes are the windows to one's soul, then choice in eye wear is pretty damn important. Lately I've been drooling over tycoon glasses—something I find particularly irresistible on a gentleman caller. Is it the man who makes the frames or the frames that make the man? Ask Johnny Depp. I bet he'd say the former. Eye wear, like most of the fashion world, is taking its cues from the past and no one is more entitled than Moscot (above image, middle image below). Besides being Depp's spectacle brand, they've been around since 1915 and do what they do perfectly. Persol (first image below), two years Moscot's junior, is the Italian brand that has become synonymous with Hollywood. With a wide range of frames, both sunglasses and eyeglasses, Persol is a modern classic with a style for everyone. For a more youthful look (what? You don't want to impersonate a 75 year old Greek shipping magnate?) Oliver Peoples (bottom image) is the brand that fuses modernity and clean lines with traditional materials for a youthful yet distinguished look. If not for my 20/20 vision, I'd have a serious eyeglass collection...and my pilot aspirations would be blown. So, alas, Matt, my near-sighted boyfriend, has to bear with my needs to play dress-up. I don't think he minds.


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