Dec 12, 2007

Place Setting Oddity

What is it about this glam rocker that has inspired more than one designer to create tabletop items in his image? Don't get me wrong, I'm all for David Bowie in the dining room. How incredible would it be if a company like Lladro did a Ziggy Stardust porcelain figurine collection?

On the left is actually a Slide Plate by David Bowie himself, part of his Peace Through Art program ($21, proceeds go to "Save The Children" and "21st Century Leaders"). There is also a mug available for the same price Both items will be available in January, but can be pre-ordered now. On the right is a David Bowie Pint glass ($10 each).

Designers Steve Mosley and Dominic Wilcox collaborated from 2002-2005 on the Mosley Meets Wilcox Meets Rock line which included the above Bowie plates (as well as tables and vases) at Paul Smith and other design shops. The plates were in a limited set of 250 and came out a few years ago, so check with your local Paul Smith store or click here to email Mosley Meets Wilcox to see if you can still get your hands on a set.

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