Feb 8, 2008

The Briland Blues

Matt and I returned home last night from almost a week on an unspoiled undeveloped and unbelievable island in the Bahamas, known affectionately as "Briland". I really miss Harbour Island's sun and the friendly people and our friends we were down there with, but most immediately I started to miss all the bright greens and blues that make up the landscape of the tiny island. (Above photo of Matt searching for those elusive bonefish)

From a design standpoint The Landing, a boutique hotel that dates back to 1800, is the obvious standout.

It was decorated by India Hicks, David Hicks' daughter, in a classic plantation style with colonial inspired Caribbean influences. I believe India was also an owner of the hotel until just recently.

We spent more than a few hours at the Landing bar and were in and out of their wonderful store, Island Living, full of great home accessories and clothing. The Landing matchbooks (see above) are some of the best I've seen, too bad the North Eleuthra airport snatched mine at the gate.

The other store I really loved was The Blue Rooster (above photo), where I purchased the below table linens. Unfortunately The Landing nor The Blue Rooster have e-commerce (or even websites?), but you would not regret taking a trip to see them in person. Click here for more information about Harbour Island.

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I LOVE them:)