Feb 11, 2008

Maison Midi is online!

Those of you who read this blog frequently (all 3 of you) are probably sick of me complaining about the Chicago weather this winter. But yesterday was an all new low. There was a weather advisory that recommended people not venture outside because of the -25˚ wind chill. And if you did because you had to, because you have a dog that needs to sniff the snow for HOURS before she can do her business, it felt like your knees an nose were lit on fire. The burning! Thankfully the temp has risen to a balmy 4˚ today. Looking for a transition sentence here to start talking about how one of my favorite L.A. shelter shops has gone online, but it's not coming—probably because my brain is frozen. So, yes, the French imports store Maison Midi, which specializes in glassware, dinnerware, bistro chairs, linens, and fabulous tiles (see above) has gone online! Thank God, I've broken almost all of my Moroccan tumblers and can't find replacements anywhere here. Click here to start your shopping. Thanks for the heads-up Heather!

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Angsana said...

I love your blog and the pictures! What a breath of fresh air ! There is design, simplicity, good taste and fun! I'll be visitin' more foten:)