Mar 18, 2008

Aigre Doux

Matt's Dad flew in to Chicago last night and took us out for a late dinner at Aigre Doux. A lot of people I know have been making chatter about this newish River North restaurant and bakery, so I had to know if it was as good as I was hearing. The meal was unreal. I hadn't eaten so well since Osteria Mozza last December. Every element of every course—I loved. 7-Day Jane Doe’s Goat Cheese with organic farm egg, honeycomb and brioche—oh my god. House-made Tagliatelle with spiced pecan and sage brown butter?! Salted butter pecan and honeycomb honey ice cream—kill me now—I want this to be my last meal. Meanwhile the decor was simple, not amazing in anyway. I've seen that same lighting scheme now in more than a few restaurants—Craft being one that readily comes to mind, but I really liked how the simple classic bistro chairs contrast the modern walls and accents. Aigre Doux 230 W Kinzie, Chicago.

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Quinn said...

Aigre Doux is a favorite of mine, great place for client lunches too. If you don't mind a little heavier food, the lobster ravioli is amazing! Great wine selections as well!