Mar 18, 2008

Hammy goes down.

Little Harrison Hamilton Hambone III injured her paw yesterday and has been limping around the house like little pony for 24 hours now (but doesn't that red arm band make her look tough?). Matt and I have turned our loft into a make-shift canine infirmary—accomplished entirely by bringing her treats every hour instead of every 2 hours as normal. We took her to her first Chicago vet today and she put on the normal show of incontrollable shaking and tucking her tail so far between her legs that it nearly hits her nose. This is usually so painful to watch, but I have to admit I was completely distracted by the decor. Since when are vets so nice that you think, "Maybe I could get a job here as a receptionist..."? The biscuits were kept in clear Alvar Aalto Savoy vases ($55-$145) and the examination room had an Eero Saarinen plastic back side chair ($508) backed up against over-sized black & white photographs. I think all this helped (me) cope with the trauma just a little bit. As for Hare, we think she'll be back on all fours in no time.


caroline said...

oh my goodness!

had to comment about poor hammy's squid (or octopus. we prefer squid). our pugs LOVE those things. they've got a pair (squid and nancy) and they could chew on those legs for days on end.

and, as far as that vet's office goes... wow.

hope she starts feeling better!

(fantastic name, by the way.)

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Kelly said...

So funny. My dog is in a cone now, for two weeks- nearly driving me crazy. And our dogs are almost identical! I'm going to e-mail you photos--

wfbdoglover said...

I hope your little "Hammy" has a speedy recovery.

From your friend from the north,

.....and the girl next door - Meg.

Gina Quiroga said...

Sorry to learn of Hammy's injury....maybe some organic Happy Apple Snaps from your buds at will put a smile on his face. Let us know if we can send a pooch pack to cheer the little guy. Also, I think Mom will appreciate Olive's design appeal.... we certainly appreciate yours!


PS...wish our vet had such great taste. Props to your vet!