Mar 28, 2008

Courtyard Housing in Los Angeles

I just came back from breakfast with my friend Lisa, who used to be my neighbor when I lived in L.A. We got to talking about how the architecture of a building is essential for creating community and how open layouts with courtyards are brilliant for that. Lisa told me that one of our other neighbors found this book Courtyard Housing in Los Angeles ($35) and apparently it includes my old digs, "Villa del Fuente" built by architect H.C. Nickerson, Jr. supposedly for Cecille B. DeMille's starlets in 1929. If I am not mistaken the building on the cover is "Villa DeMille" which is on corner of Franklin and Grace in Hollywood, my friend Nena used to live there. I'm headed back to Chicago tomorrow morning, but I'm going to buy this book today so when I get back I'll have some eye candy when I'm feeling a little homesick.

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