Mar 27, 2008


Posts have been a bit spotty this week while I'm in L.A. because I've been running around a lot and soaking in the gorgeous weather. A few days ago I went into the almost one-year-old Moss on Melrose and then on a whim walked into A.P.C. just a few steps away on the corner of Croft and Melrose. A.P.C. is a French fashion brand (women's, men's and children) known for their clean and simple aesthetic. To me it seems very California though, and I think that has to be because Bruce Weber shot their latest Spring/Summer collection. I had been in before but started to notice their fun accessories and objects this time through. I'm not sure about the Olive Oil, but it intrigued me none the less. From top to bottom: Vans Hi-Tops ($75); scented candles ($35 each); A.P.C. extra virgin olive oil ($12 per bottle); Cutout Ballet Flats ($405); and my favorite item, Bow Tie Brooch ($20).

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