Mar 24, 2008

Lost & Found

When we got to L.A. Matt asked me if I was going to check out any stores while here. I answered, "I just need to go to Lost & Found". I think it's my favorite store, it's no doubt in my desert island top five. And since they don't have a website (although that may be changing soon), when I'm in town it's a must-visit. The mix is incredible. Owner and buyer Jamie Rosenthal often travels over seas to bring in unbelievable pillows, fabrics, beads, shoes, clothes, and jewelry—she also owns the incredible gallery next door and the children's clothing and accessories one door down from that that will make you say "so damn cute" at least nine times. After lunch Matt and I went with three friends—and we all got so excited when we parked that we forgot to put money in the meter and ended up with tickets—maybe because we stayed for over an hour. Seriously, if you live in L.A. this is a gem. It's been open for 9 years and it always amazes me how under-the-radar it still is. 6314 Yucca Street (cross street: Vine), Hollywood. 323-356-0921.


Lavon said...

This looks alike I store I could stay in for hours. Thanks for the pictures love it.

Kat said...

OH man! we need to get some cool places like this in Grand Rapids!