Apr 9, 2008

Circle Round-Up?

I don't know if it is lack of sleep or coincidence, but I was looking around for today's post and all I saw were circles. Then I put them together and decided they looked cool. Clockwise from top left: Missoni "Jimmy" beach towel ($200); old-school Air Mail envelopes imported from Hong Kong ($6 for pack of five); John Derian 6x12 Color Dots decoupage tray ($92); Eames Hang-It-All ($149); Fornasetti drinking glasses ($305 for set of six).


Hilda said...

Love the Eames hang-it-all.

gitasan said...

would have thought that those old mailers would come back!! The drinking glasses may freak me out but oh so very cool! I love your blog...just found it today!
Thank you for all of your finds!