Apr 10, 2008

Summer: A season that does really exist, right?

I saw Canadian geese flying north, a powerful thunderstorm rolled through Chicago a few days ago, buds on trees are budding (you have to really look, but they ARE), and our park was flush with baseball gloves and kites last weekend. I thought, "Ok, this is actually happening." I started channeling my own Midwestern summer-self by browsing the Built By Wendy Spring line. Wendy Mullin is a Lake Forest-native and one of my favorite fashion designers because many of her pieces are inspired from her suburban Chicago upbringing. From her new line I'm loving the Neon Sunfish Tee ($35) and Wisconsin Dells-inspired belt ($90). But apparently I completely jinxed it, not soon after I hit the "purchase" button, I saw the weekend forecast: Snow. Really? Snow? REALLY? Umm...REALLY? It's mid-April! I hate you. I hate you. I hate you times infinity.


Amanda said...

I love the T. Perfect for all my yacht-rock related events this summer.

lisa said...

i found that T in the back of my brother's van and snagged it! He hasn't noticed it missing, and i rock it whenever i know i won't see him!