Apr 11, 2008

James Victore Surfboard

In the parts of the world where waves meet land, surfboards are not only part of a sport and a lifestyle—they're also part of the decor (and I'm not talking about that surfboard bar from your fraternity). My friends Lisa and Michelle both stack their boards in their patios and it adds a wonderful sense of SoCal style. Surfboards are cool-looking, no denying it. What would a Venice bungalow be without a towering long board leaning somewhere in the garden? The above hand-painted surfboard designed by James Victore exclusively for DWR ($3,000) is just an example, but more of a collector's item than something for actually shredding. Click here to view some of Victore's other "fearless" items which include tabletop items, posters, jewelry, and more surfboards.


piotrek said...

This is something I love. I wonder if owner use this surfboard to actually surf or only as a decoration?

Anonymous said...

No wax, no stop pad.
I'd assume it's a decoration.

Anonymous said...

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