Apr 1, 2008

Design Dose by Chicago Home + Garden

Chicago Home + Garden, a bimonthly edition of Chicago Mag, just started blogging a few weeks ago. And while normally I would think of it solely as a late-comer to an already crowded field (because this blog was too), I'm already really liking it. I think because editors Jan Parr and Gina Bazer are keeping Design Dose really Bloggy (Blog-like?) with posts about what's in their in-box (and most recenlty what's in mine), what's going on in their own design lives, and events. Chicagoans interested in design buzz: click here.

1 comment:

T8 said...

I have a blog, so I'm biased, but I tend to prefer independent blogs to ones sponsored by magazines.

BTW, I like your blog and have a link to it on mine.