Apr 1, 2008

The Jazz Age

I've been feverishly reading the biography of Alice Roosevelt Longworth and it's got me in a 1920s state of mind—I'm seriously considering making some homemade gin this afternoon and hopping a train for Cincinnati. So I went searching for some fun 1920s and 1920s-inspired finds like the above Floral Parade Trophy ($425). From top to bottom: Wassily chair by Marcel Breuer ($1,600); 1920's French Woman Portrait ($325); Pattern #86 5-piece
place setting
($1,210) by Josef Hoffmann; 1st Ed. The Beautiful and the Damned ($9,500); Le Corbusier lc4 ($2,660); Tangente wrist watch ($3,050).

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Paris Hotel Boutique said...

Lizzie, thank you for posting my items! You're so sweet! Hope all is well, Lynn