Jul 1, 2008

Carrie Bike Basket

Earlier this summer I salvaged two vintage bikes from my grandparent's garage. We tuned them up and gave them a heavy-duty polish and have since been riding them everywhere this summer. Whether it's out for frozen yogurt or picking something up at the drug store—bikes are cool. I do want to add a basket to my early 70s cherry red Schwinn cruiser one of these days and think the above Carrie Basket ($64 including bike attachments) is pretty nice. Comes in black and white as well as green plastic shown above.


Amanda said...

We did the exact same thing last year! My grandparents had two Peugeot bikes they bought over in France in the early 70s, and we absconded with them. I've been looking for a basket for mine too, as trying to bike home from the farmer's market while dangling bags from my handlebars just isnt cutting it.

FancyPants-design said...

oh. My dream bike. Favorite color green!