Jul 2, 2008

Designy watch round-up

I always notice watches on design websites, whether it's by Max Bill or Karim Rashid. This round-up focuses on the more affordable side of the designy watch spectrum. Sometimes a big bright punch of color on your wrist is all you need to make your all-black work wardrobe fun again. Left to right from top: LIP white mythic by French designer Prisca Briquet ($395); Icon Watch ($75); Nixon Chalet ($200); Andy Warhol watch ($95); Nooka Zub Zot in blue ($130); MoMA's Average Day wrist watch ($40); Swatch "Something New" ($50); Adidas Transition watch ($125); Karim Rashid for Alessi watch ($85).

1 comment:

richjerk said...

I agree. Good accessories help you stand out!
I pick the white one. Like the style.