Jul 22, 2008

OUTDATED Polaroid Art Show

Earlier this year when Polaroid announced it would stop producing its iconic instant film, it was one of those quiet moments in technology history. Some called it the end of an era. My friend Zoya told me about the Outdated: Polaroid Art Show which starts on August 15th at one of Chicago's up-and-coming art galleries, Country Club Chicago. The Outdated art show is meant to honor and commemorate the magic of Polaroid instant film. If you have some great Polaroid snaps, send them in to the show, the deadline is this Friday. Oh, and if you hadn't heard the news about Polaroid film being discontinued after 50 years, don't panic, you can still get instant film from Fuji. Above and below are some of Zoya's instant snaps she's submitting to the show.

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tripp said...

check out "the 'roids" at: http://www.flickr.com/photos/trippypics/sets/72157603739508873/