Jul 21, 2008

Ting Ting Jeje Ginger Candy

Last night Matt and I were folding laundry, having the most benign Sunday of our lives, when we started talking about how much we both love Chinese ginger candy. In fact, when we lived in L.A. there was a men's clothier on W. 3rd Street, Douglas Fir, which always had the candy out on the check out desk. We would sometimes go there after brunch and pretend to look around for a few minutes before grabbing three or four each as if we were starving homeless children. ANYWAY, right there in the laundry room at about 5pm we were like let's go to Chinatown...to get candy...and snap dragons...and SPARKLERS...AND SWORDS! Then Matt said, "I'm bringing my switchblade with me!" and then silence. "Umm...You have a switchblade? That you only bring with you to Chinatown?" THAT right there is exactly why I love you.

We put our assortment of Chinatown candies on a plate in the entryway, and I think it looks pretty cool. You can get a 7-ounce bag at amazon by clicking right here ($2.49).

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