Oct 6, 2008

The best winter dog walking shoe ever.

While I was in Boston Maryam received a major delivery from North Face—basically a preemptive strike against winter—that when all put together at once looks like a walking sleeping bag. I can't lie, her complete down outfit made me really nervous and jealous all at once. So I convinced Matt to walk with me down to the North Face store in the John Hancock building last night so I could pick up what I think is the best winter dog walking shoe ever, The NSE Tent Mule ($40). Some of the worst parts of winter are when you just don't want to think about going outside, especially right when you get out of bed to walk the hound, but I think these down shoes will change all that. I'm wearing them right now, and they are amazing (and sure, slightly ugly) but once your tootsies are surrounded by 450 fill of down, who cares? These are going to be on my feet all winter.

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