Oct 7, 2008

Ella Dish

Speaking of dog walking, while we've been out of town a lot lately and are leaving again on Friday, Miss Eleanor Hambleton has been spending a lot of time at Dog's Day Inn, her home away from home. When Matt picked her up the other day they told him of a little incident. Apparently Harrison's collar got caught on another dog's while they were playing and despite the massive amount of growling and whimpering it took about an hour for them to get untangled. The good people that work there recommended we get her a new collar with a plastic clasp. Harrison's got a very specific taste when it comes to collars and doesn't typically like the nylon variety, but she was convinced by the Ella Dish line.

Harrison had crazy anti-gravity bed-head this morning, so I promised her I wouldn't post a photo of her face, but that's her new heart and arrows collar with glow-in-the-dark clasp. Available here ($34).

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