Dec 9, 2008

Blank nesting dolls

Growing up I had three Golden Retrievers over the years, all of them varying in degrees of obeseness. I've have had Harrison, a little 35 pound mutt, who looks like she may have had a golden grandfather or grandmother in there somewhere, for two years. So to pay tribute to these wonderful pets of all different sizes, I just ordered blank nesting dolls ($12-$15) from Reform School and I'm going to paint these golden beasts on them as soon as they arrive! What would you paint on yours? Extra credit: The nesting dolls are imported by traders who work directly with talented Russian artisans from the former Soviet republics. In other words, they're From Russia With Love.


kk said...

Are you a little James Bond obsessed this week? Great idea for the nesting dolls and the "man"-imals Maggie, Codey and Cassie.

Lizzie said...

Yes, always obsessed, but yeah, this week had been a Bond week!