Dec 8, 2008

The Rolex Submariner (and Sea-Dweller)

Lately I've been doing some thinking about Rolexes. Why not? There are some intense collectors out there that have cases of fifty different varieties of one kind. But, for me, there are two Rolexes that I am in love with. The Submariner and the just-discontinued Sea-Dweller both in black, both in steel.

Left to Right: a 1970 Submariner (notice the red writing); 2008 Sea-Dweller; 2008 Submariner. The Sea-Dweller, which is almost a twin of the Submariner minus the cyclops date bubble and add an extra 2 mm of thickness (because it can go 3000 feet deeper), is a collectible among Rolex purists who like a cleaner look. Rolex recently upgraded the Sea-Dweller to the "Sea-Dweller Deep Sea", which is a very very large watch and not something I'm a big fan of.

I'm not a small watch kind of lady, and I love the look of a hawt girl rocking a big Rolex.

Pussy Galore wearing a Rolex GMT as she gets seduced by 007.

Jennifer Anniston

Courtney Cox Arquette

Ana Ivanovic

Uma Thurman

Elle Macpherson

Of course I think they look spectacular on a man too.

Nick Nolte, 1977

Brad Pitt

Steve McQueen

Fidel Castro (not being a very good Commie)

Lance Armstong


Robert Redford


Brandon said...

I actually prefer the bubble, I think it adds a nice dimension to the watch, but I agree it's not as "pure". Nice post!

ash said...

Great post!

Amanda said...

God, I love the Rolex too. Though, I've got my heart set on the daintier lady date-just version. I'm trying to drop not-so-subtle hints at some people in my life that one would be a very appropriate graduation present come next year... we'll see how that works out for me!