Dec 5, 2008

What to get him

I've been having a really rough time trying to figure out what to get Matt this year. The thing(s) I really want to get him I can't possibly afford and the small things seem like they don't have enough cute/one-of-a-kindness to them. So, I'm stumped. That said, I found a bunch of stuff that might work for your boyfriend/husband/brother/father/son. Special thanks to my friend Heather who gave me a few tips in here.

Cedar sake cups ($5 each); Nixon "Omar" tie tack ($35); Nomadic Mic headphones ($120); Timex military watch ($150); striped ribbon belt ($23); Scotish flag cufflinks ($57); Days of the week handkerchiefs ($95 for set of seven); Nixon "Zoom" socks ($10); Fee Brothers Bitters set ($34 for set of six); Sage green cords ($110); Skull cufflinks ($30); hand-knit shrimp key chain ($65); the new Apple in-ear headphones with remote and mic ($79); Filson duffle bag ($265).


Blair said...

Lizzie, you always have the best gift guides! I am sure you will find the perfect gift for Matt. Hope you both are well!

Billy said...

What brand are the skull cufflinks?

Lizzie said...

I think they're J. Press' own brand.