Dec 5, 2008

Hibernating in a factory loft

It's seven degrees outside. SEVEN. I wore two pairs of pants when I took Harrison for a walk. My eyeballs felt like they were freezing to my skull. So, it's official, I've begun my winter hibernation—meaning I don't leave the apartment, ever. Fortunately our loft gets plenty of natural light through massive north-facing windows. Without those windows, I don't know, I might be committed by now. Here are my favorite items for surviving winter in Moscow...err...Chicago.

Dalwhinnie scotch ($58) for the perfect winter night cap; Bon Iver's "For Emma, Forever Ago" ($13) is my favorite winter chill-out background music. I slept to this album on my flight back from Tokyo, it was perfect for that too; I'm sort of getting obsessed with the brand Elizabeth and James, their plaid shirts have buttons in the back to self-tailoring; nearly every day I wear a combination of Under Armour ColdGear frosty leggings ($50) underneath J.Crew matchstick cords ($30-$60); obviously Netflix is a major part of getting through the winter—I've got L.A. Story and Adaptation in the queue right now; and then the Ineeka organic Himalayan green tea ($14 for a tin) is crucial at about 3pm and for counteracting the bad effects of the scotch from the night before!

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Cait said...

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