Dec 4, 2008

More Muji please!

While I was in Tokyo last month, I went into every Muji store I could, because I love the concept of a "no-brand" store that sells great products at affordable prices—and they are all over Tokyo. I brought back a shirt and sweater for Matt that he absolutely loves, maybe because it's just so simple that it's easy to wear with everything. I wish I could get more stuff for him online for Christmas—especially since the things I got him are a little small (Muji clothing runs at least one size smaller since it's designed around a typical Asian physique). You can get a few clothing items through MoMA and if you're lucky enough to live in NYC, where there's a Muji in Soho, Times Square and Chelsea (hello--there are other cities that need you!) you're set. I might just have to make a quick trip to New York.

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