Jan 21, 2009

Men's wedding accessories

Watches and links and shoes, oh my!
By Amy Fox, DESIGNwatcher's fashion correspondent

One of my favorite things to shop for, talk about, pair up with, save money for and spend money on, is undoubtedly the accoutrements! I've said it before and I'll say it again—it's all about the accessories. A beautiful watch, a classic pair of shoes, chic man jewels (cufflinks!) can take a more moderately priced suit (think J. Crew or H&M) and turn it into a real shining star. If you buy a classic iconic piece, you will always have a place to sport it: the office, a dinner party, the beach, or a wedding. They will never go out of style and will end up being a good investment and something to hand down to your children and grandchildren as well.

Here are some pieces I covet:

Vintage Rolexes. You can find a great selection online here or Steven Alan has a beautiful selection at their Venice shop. These watches can be dressed up or down. Wear it with your Tom Ford tux on the big day or with your beat up 501's from college. Although, maybe the gold one should be saved for special occasions only, it's a 9CT imperial Oyster from 1940's. The stainless steel is an Oyster Date Perpetual from 1950's, such pristine pieces.

Lizzie chiming in here for one sec: I am obsessed with these custom dial Rolexes from the 50s-80s. OBSESSED. So if anyone wants to get me one, I'll be your best friend for life. OK that's it. Back to Amy...

Santos-Dumont cufflinks by Cartier. This style comes in many varieties—but I especially love them in in yellow gold and onyx (bottom pic). Alberto Santos-Dumont was a Brazilian aviation pioneer that proved controlled flight was possible in 1901 by circling the Eiffel Tower; he was one of the most famous men of his generation. I don't think his name-sake cufflinks will never go out of style.

Women's shoes, Men's shoes, it's all the same. SHOES, I just adore. Here's the low down for a men's tux: Top left: Alexander McQueen's metallic Venetian green loafers ($1,085). What a beautiful pair of slip-on shoes. Perfect for the guy that's sporting the edgier look. This is for sure the shoe you wear with that custom-fitted tux—a gorgeous green that's not garish at all. Top right: John Lobb ($1500, avail. at Bergdorf Goodman). A word about John Lobb: English boot maker, started up his cobble work around the 1840's. Fans included Kings, Maharajahs, politicians, business moguls, and, this says it all, Frank and Dean. The detail on his signature oxford makes it a must-have. Bottom right: Church Alastair lace-ups (approx. $500). This patent dress shoe is a proper gent's lace up. Absolutely perfect to accompany a black tie dress code. Bottom left: Paul Smith Stan shoe (approx. $400). This formal shoe with a chisel toe front is also great for the rock and roll tux, but will also be good for a night out at the bars.


Scout said...

I really have loved this subject - find it so interesting that what drives good "design" in one area - mens wedding "stuff" - also applies equally to the home. Love the synergy, excuse the word.

Paula K said...

Another good spot for vintage watches is www.darlor-watch.com - I could spend HOURS on his site.

Kate said...

The simple pieces such as accessories really pull everything together when matched correctly!