Nov 3, 2009

Faena Hotel

From a design perspective the five-year-old Faena Hotel in Buenos Aires' Puerto Madero district is quite a scene. We didn't stay there, but we definitely checked it out while we were in town. It was designed by Philippe Starck, who used the color red like a crazy man. Naturally, to fit in to the design, the first thing I did when we got there was order a Negroni.

It was about to rain, so we huddled/cuddled with our drinks and some olives by the pool before dinner, it was tré romantico.

We originally thought we'd eat at this schmancy restaurant inside the hotel called The Bistro, but we opted for the cozier restaurant, El Mercado. Plus we were on a full-on empanada rampage, so we couldn't resist.

Plus, check the ceiling! So cool.


kk said...

Looks cool, but I have a question--did you cuddle your drink or your hubby?

Lizzie said...

Gin + Campari...I mean I think it's obvious...