Feb 11, 2010

>> ana meier for meier/ferrer

Last night I went to the launch of Ana Meier for MEIER/FERRER, a new furniture collection that...I want. Clean lines, warm tones, bold geometry—just beautiful furniture. I think Ana Meier (who's 27!) said it best in a W Magazine interview a few months back, "I think a lot of the modern furniture that’s out there is [all] the same. My pieces are modern, not stark. They’re comfortable.

I totally agree. I guess talent is genetic as Ana's father, Richard Meier, is one of the country's most prominent architects. The Melrose Place gallery Lead Apron will be displaying the 15+ examples of the new line for the next three weeks. Excuse the bad photography, it was totally packed.

Guess what else!? There were several Cy Twombly pieces on the premises (OMG!), and wow, the furniture really looked good with the art.

The keytar-clad trio The You Know Who played a few fantastic sets. Keytar.

And there were some pretty great sartorial sightings in the crowd, like Jack Merrill, who was wearing an amazing 1970s Alexander Sheilds for I. Magnin blazer.

If you're in L.A. get yourself to 8445 Melrose Place.

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