Mar 12, 2010

>> wknd

I'm so happy not to be on deadline this weekend! Can't wait to hike with Hare and Matt and hit the farmer's market. Have a good one!

Sailor shirt ($135); painted cut-offs (never-nude flair) ($41); artichokes are in season!; Kanken 13" Laptop Bag by Fjallraven ($99); needlepoint key fob ($25); Susani plate ($10-$12); RGB steel nail varnish ($14); tortoise Persols ($256); Cana Flecha bracelets ($24 each); Billy Kirk belt ($156); vintage duck boots ($55).

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danielle said...


Made some extremely bitter artichokes from my farmers market. VERY disappointed. The most adorable gal at Rolling Greens was wearing those glasses. From Mississippi. She really rocked them. I'm in need of a few more hike/runs before I can even think of wearing shorts. This Tuesday?