Apr 9, 2010

>> it's gotta be the shoes

Being the wife and daughter of two serious golf fans, watching The Masters is a sacred Spring ritual. Although I find golf just a tad boring to watch on the tube, I do find some interest in the fashion, especially guys like Shingo Katayma! This time around, everyone's buzzing about leader Freddy Couples' new Ecco Golf Street Premiers (available at GolfSmith and other golf retailers) which he debuted yesterday. My dad ordered them last night right after saying, "If Freddy Couples can shoot a 66 at Augusta wearing these shoes, they can't be bad for your game." The shoes have small rubber cleats as opposed to traditional spikes and can be worn on the street. Go Freddy go!

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Amanda said...

As another wife and daughter of golf fanatics, I am in the same spot as you this weekend! Josh loves Freddy Boom Boom too... although, I'm an Ernie Els girl, myself!