Apr 12, 2010

>> le monde politique

My friend Danielle and I went EARLY to the Rose Bowl Flea Market yesterday and totally scored by finding this woman who had recently traveled to Belgium, saw an old museum closing down, and bought up all their old maps. There were probably a hundred or so rolled up in bins. She was selling them for $20 and up and was completely swarmed. We got to her around 8:30 and predicted she would have sold out by 9am. I would have snagged more than one, but this one was my favorite (and really, you can't have more than one vintage Belgian map in your home)--an old world map in radar colors. It looks like an old flight map! I'm taking it to Quick Art Frame on W. 3rd to see what they can do with it.


King Dragon said...

What a rad find!

I actually picked up a map of Australia illustrated with pictures of kangaroos, sharks, and other fauna from the same seller later in the day - she only had a handful left and was unloading them at $15 a pop.

Love checking in and seeing the excellent treasures you come across.


Lizzie said...

Cool! My friend Danielle got the South America version of the Australia one you got I think. Thanks for checking-in!