Apr 12, 2010

>> rolling greens nursery

I checked out the new Beverly Boulevard nursery Rolling Greens yesterday, which I remember as a defunct garage before we moved to Chicago and now is the most gorgeous retail space ever! A great spot for gardeners and a few home goods worth checking out too.

Their second installment of antique birdcages—Juicy Couture snatched up the first set.


Poppy K said...

Le sigh. I want to be there right now. Sunshine and pretty retail - who could ask for more?

holly said...

NICE....Funny, when i check to see what people are searching for on my etsy site...THE NUMBER ONE SEARH WORD...bird cage. This is a lovely photograph- so wish I could check this out in person....thanks for the post!

Rebecca said...

want every damned last thing in there! awesome. i just found your blog, which is great. have you heard of flora grubb in SF? you'd probably like it. anyway. thanks for making me all wanty again.