May 5, 2010

>> fallingwater legos

The Frank Lloyd Wright Fallingwater Lego kit ($82) totally rules and since it's for ages 16+ (811 pieces!), I didn't feel like a total loser that it took me hours upon hours to complete. In fact, it put me in a zen-like state of happiness. Adult Legos, it could be the new Prozac.


tula said...

I saw this at the Guggenheim gift shop and was so tempted to buy it. Now I wish I did! Fabulous!

Carlota said...

where did you get that g? was just watching a doc. on netflix mon. nite about him...i swear sometimes you have the password to me mac &/or me brain now thinking you might actually be mossad, m-i6, or are you there god it's me margaret...hello judy. hmm.